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Environment & Community

Since Kurumba’s opening in 1972, we have been giving back to the local community. Kurumba established the first catering school in the Maldives in 1980, for training Universal employees.

With expert instructors straight from Italy, we added value to the Maldives economy. Locals received the opportunities of a lifetime. Several employees were even sent to train in Sri Lanka, England and Singapore.

A living, breathing part of the Maldives, we take pride in our local contributions. Kurumba has bold plans for further developing its corporate and social responsibility programme in the future.

Party with a Purpose   Annual Party with a Purpose (Music Festival Charity Event)
Kurumba held this music festival on Friday 2nd May 2014, with the goal of supporting the Kudhakudhinge Hiyaa Orphanage and Maafushi Island Education & Training Centre, developing the local music scene in the Maldives.  All proceeds from  the event will be provided to these organizations by purchasing key operational equipment. The music event feature  a number of  local spanning genres from rock n’ roll and jazz, to reggae and Kurumba’s signature Boduberu outfit. This will be a vibrant and lively event for all guests, with food and beverage stations available at both venues.


Kudhakudhinge Hiyaa Orphanage   Kudhakudhinge Hiyaa Orphanage in Villingili
Kudhakudhinge Hiyaa Orphanage currently has 72 children in residence, mostly under the age of ten. It provides care and education to these children and relies primarily on donations from businesses and the public. Kurumba has already provided furniture, television sets, toys, food and a washing machine to the orphanage, and we intend to continue our support in the future.

Click here for a list of ways you can contribute.


Waste management   Waste Management
Managing waste in the Maldives can be quite a challenge. Kurumba boost one of the most effective and comprehenvise  recycling centers of any resort in the Maldives call Kurect. We can now grind down glass to reuse in cementing, shred recyclable plastics, cardboards, metals and send, to recycling companies. Our new mulcher allows us to reuse some of the green waste from the gardens. Kuruct has a super composter that composts Kitchen waste within 3 hours and used within the resort gardens and distributed to other islands. These extensive improvements have helped to minimise the quantity of refuse on Thilafushi, and we are always looking to further reduce our ecological footprint.
Energy conservation   Energy
Diesel generators are commonly relied upon throughout the Maldives for the stability of their power output. Over the last few years, we have taken major steps toward reducing our energy consumption. These include investing in more efficient air conditioning and refrigeration, solar water heating systems, heat exchangers from the generators to create hot water for the kitchen, the use of LED lighting in higher consumption areas like the kitchen, laundry and staff areas, purchasing more energy efficient water pumps for our desalination plant, and the installation of a computerised generator management system to assist with managing energy loads.
Marine environments   Marine Environments
The ecosystem surrounding Kurumba is both diverse and highly sensitive. We have developed a new department called Majaa Recreation, one of whose key responsibilities is to help educate guests on snorkelling safely while protecting the marine environment at the same time. A weekly marine biology presentation is currently in development to further educate guests on the sensitivity of this environment. Gardens near the water’s edge have been replaced with more native plants and sands to reduce chemical use and potential runoff in these areas. The sewage system is under constant development, and treated water is used in our gardens to reduce the impact of sewage on the marine environment.

Community - Education

Maldivian management trainee programme   Maldivian Management Trainee Programme
The purpose of the trainee programme is to help high potential Maldivian team members further develop their skill sets to that of a management level, thus creating a succession of Maldivians into the management team. Each year we pick two candidates, a number which may vary depending on the candidates’ interest levels and potential. This year, after screening all eligible candidates, we have selected Ibrahim and Nizy for the management programme. They will undergo training in the following departments: accommodation, food and beverage, culinary, revenue management and finance or sales. They will rotate among other jobs at the hotel to learn from its respective leaders. At the completion of their training, each participant is placed into a role where they have displayed an exceptional degree of competence. Training lasts for twelve months or more, depending on the level of discipline and background of each team member.
Certification   Certification
We are now providing staff with training that enables them to receive national TVET (technical and vocational education and training) certificates 1 and 2. Through this process, two of our team members can be certified as assessors by the Ministry of Education. The training will begin on the 1st of March, with ten staff members from the food and beverage team, and will last for six months. We have plans to expand to other departments in the future.

Community - Training & Development

Language classes   Language Classes
We are conducting language classes to improve our team members’ knowledge and communication with guests. There are more than 40 staff members currently taking language classes in English, Chinese and Russian. Since English is the main language at our resort, improving the English language skills of our staff is top priority. Team members who can communicate in a relaxed and comfortable manner help to greatly improve the guest experience. As part of our continuous learning programme, we are also providing Chinese and Russian classes to help our staff members interact with guests from these two main markets.
Heart of House   Heart of House
At Kurumba, we see our operational staff members not as the “back of house”, but as the true ‘Heart of House’. This is why we maintain a philosophy of constantly improving our team’s living spaces and work environments to boost morale and show our appreciation for their invaluable efforts. Over the past three years, Kurumba Maldives has invested in a new team accommodation block, with a large air-conditioned internet café, cinema, gym, covered areas for games, self-use kitchen and new laundry facility. We have  renovated the staff cafeteria and human resources office as part of our on-going programme to improve their work environment. A new sports area has been developed where our team members can play volleyball, cricket and football. Please see our careers site for more details of Careers in Full Colour.

While the Maldives generally only produces fish and coconuts, Kurumba has been keen to support the local economy in a number of ways. 

Our spa, Veli Spa, uses locally sourced Maldivian coconut oil for massages and treatments. As coconut oil is so rich in healing properties, the coconut is an important and valuable resource in the Maldives. Selling coconut oil also helps us to support the manufacturing industry and promote Maldivian culture.

To further support local manufacturing, Nala Boutique sells many locally made products, such as paintings, hand-painted sarongs, coconut-derived goods and Maldivian CDs.

We purchase fish and fish products from Maldivian suppliers in order to support local manufacturing, along with some of our dry food from local suppliers, such as sugar, sweet corn, pumpkins and papayas.

The Local Arts   The Local Arts
There are many cultural performances at Kurumba, such as local bands, DJs and artists. M Crew is our live three-piece band renowned for their relaxing classic music; they perform every Tuesday and Friday night. Def-Note delights listeners with a mix of classics and the best popular music of today, in a fantastic environment where you can dance until morning.

In addition to these two bands, we have DJ Paiday every Thursday night. A fun-filled evening dancing until the early morning on the wide overwater deck of Kandu Bar. Kurumba Boduberu, our staff band of around 15 members, also performs every Wednesday. Guests are invited to enjoy this lively local art form, and as well as participate in this cultural performance.

Every Tuesday night enjoy cocktail parties at Kandu Bar. A wide range of options are available, from cocktails, to beer, to non-alcoholic beverages. Sip on playfully mixed drinks while local artists paint at the beach. Artists are handpicked by Papyrus Investment, a company with expertise in Maldivian art.

Every Tuesday afternoon, kids can enjoy complimentary painting classes at Majaa Kids’ Club. These activities began at Kurumba last November.

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