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Kurumba - The Maldives In A Nutshell

15 July 2013

Kurumba Maldives was the country's first private island resort and has remained one of the finest.

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Al Fresco Dining In Kurumba

30 June 2013

Kurumba's Food & Beverage district just got even better with added options to dine Al Fresco.

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Improved Hamakaze Teppanyaki Restaurant

31 May 2013

Kurumba Maldives completes the construction of its improved Hamakaze Teppanyaki Restaurant.

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Party With A Purpose 2013

16 May 2013

Kurumba Maldives hosted a fundraising event called "Party with a Purpose" in aid of local orphanage homes.

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Kurumba Maldives Touches

16 May 2013

Over the past 6 months Kurumba Maldives has been researching for Maldivian traditions and touches to enhance its guests’ experience.

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Maldives in Full Colour

25 April 2013

Kurumba, the iconic first resort in the Maldives, has launched a dramatic new corporate identity to introduce its US$3 million refurbishment.

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Veli Spa Offers A New Destination Treatment : Spa Under The Stars

19 December 2012

Kurumba Maldives Veli Spa has announced a new destination spa treatment for couples called Spa Under The Stars.

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Kurumba Maldives Enhances Its Waste Management System

17 December 2012

Kurumba Maldives continues its progress to achieve their corporate social responsibility goals.

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