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The glint of dolphin fin beneath the waves, a sunset cruise.  Castaway Picnic on a remote sand bank. Weathered smiles of locals, sharing their wisdom. They teach you coconut crafts and the secrets of native plants. The excitement of Malé, a walk through a bustling market. Flashes of sea life from a glass bottom boat. The world through fish’s eyes in a mini sub. Vibrant colours, unending discovery.

For more information about the following experiences, please download:
Excursion Factsheet (.PDF)

Male Tour  

Malé Tour

Imagine a bustling, culturally rich city. Built, impossibly, on a tiny island. Somehow leaving room for efficient transportation, lovely parks and grand mosques. Discover Malé, the remarkable capital of the Maldives.

Only 2km long and 1km wide, begging to be explored with our experienced local guides. Take in the cultural heritage. Explore intriguing shops, sip local beverages in the shade of Male’s quaint architecture.

Maldives Experience  

Maldives Experience

A local island village adventure, immerse yourself in the lives of a living, breathing Maldivian community. Stroll past schools, mosques, and local houses. Sample Maldivian craft and souvenir shops.

Afterwards you will have plenty time for beachside relaxing, paired with snorkelling or beach games and followed by lunch.

Cultural Island Experience  

Local Island Experience

An exciting foray into Maldivian culture. Visit a traditional village, be part of the local community for a day. Learn about traditional coconut crafts and native flora. Witness the hidden magic of island craft shops.

The chance to taste local snacks, valuable lessons in timeless wisdom. An enchanting glimpse of another world.

Dolphin Sunset Cruise  

Sunset & Dolphin Discovery Cruise

A relaxing cruise, heading into the sunset over the Indian Ocean. The thrilling search for wild dolphins. Several species call the Maldives home, including Spinners and Bottle-Nosed Dolphins.

Watch these majestic creatures leap and frolic in the wake of your boat. Awe-inspiring moments with nature, lasting memories for years to come.
Sunset Jazz Cruise  

Sunset Jazz Cruise Experience

Set the tone for an unforgettable romantic evening with the relaxing tunes of our talented Maldivian saxophonist. A one-of-a-kind luxury speedboat cruise to enjoy stunning sunset views and the feeling of the light ocean breeze whilst listening to the finest Jazz.  Includes free flow of sparkling wine and canapés. 

Glass Bottom Boat  

Glass-Bottom Boat

A hallmark of the Maldives. Float across the azure waters, witnessing the stunning world of coral reefs. A vivid blossoming of life, from the ancient volcanic remains that formed the atolls and lagoons. 

Hundreds of colourful fish species race beneath you. Otherworldly marine creatures float by. A wondrous kaleidoscope, framed in glass. Families and couples, hushed by the beauty.

Sports Fishing  

Sports Fishing

Fishing enthusiasts, square off against the finest and fastest the Indian Ocean has to offer. A variety of fishing trips available, from big game sports fishing to deep sea angling. 

At Kurumba, we encourage the practice of “Catch and Release”, sustainable fishing to ensure the Maldives’ rich marine ecosystem stays pristine.
Seaplane Photo Flight  

Seaplane Photo Flight

Incredible aerial views from the cabin of a seaplane. Eye-opening blues. Arresting aquamarines. Sandbanks, shallow and open waters and the bustling capital Malé. See the world through new eyes.

In partnership with Trans Maldivian Airways, Kurumba offers the chance to experience panoramic views of the beautiful North Malé Atoll on a 15 minute flight.

Sandbank Picnic  

Sandbank Picnic

Take a 45-minute dhoni ride to a remote island with white sandy beaches and high quality reef. Snorkel the fringing reefs, discover pristine swaths of marine life.

On your return to shore, a chilled picnic lunch awaits, served with selected beverages. An unforgettable and enriching experience.