CSR Policies | Kurumba Maldives Resorts

CSR Policies

Kurumba Maldives has a strong commitment to social responsibility in all aspects of the resort operation including relations with external operators and any association outside the resort.

We are privileged to operate in some of the world's most sensitive ecosystems and culturally unique location in the world. Our reputation is built on the philosophy of supporting the local communities by protecting and enhancing the culture and environment in the Maldives. We are therefore committed to behaving ethically and operating in a sustainable manner that continues to enhance economic, societal and environmental values.

Our commitment is to reduce the impact on our environment, improve the quality of life of our team and to support key local community projects whilst managing a sustainable business.

We recognize that if we are to effectively deliver on our mission, we must ensure that our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals are fully integrated into our business.

Our responsibllities include:

  • Complying with locally relevant regulations and laws.
  • Aligning our operations with the principles of best practice in the global tourism industry.
  • Ensuring that Corporate Responsibility goals are built into the annual business plan.

Our Guests

We are singularly focused on providing guests with incredible, memorable experiences. Our responsibility to our guests includes:

  • Marketing our brand in an honest and responsible way
  • Aiming to exceed the expectations of our guests
  • Customer satisfaction surveys are used as the cornerstone of our improvement processes
  • We advise our guests of any travel-related risks and provide information on how to minimize these risks.
  • We engage our guest in ways to reduce environmental impacts and how to not negatively affect the local Maldivian culture
    • Environmentally friendly snorkelling induction programs including complimentary snorkelling lessons
    • Catch and release programs for sports fishing and reef fishing
    • Encourage local interaction with Cultural Island Experience and Male’ Tour
    • Encourage local music such as Bodu Beru, musicians and artists
  • Support Maldivian traditions within the guest experience

Our Employees

We know our employees join Kurumba Maldives because of the outstanding opportunity we provide to work in a dynamic and energetic environment and to gain extensive hands-on experience with a diverse market mix. Our responsibility to our employees includes:

  • Ensuring our staff are guided by our Code of Conduct which outlines the behaviour we expect to see from our staff and as they undertake their day-to-day duties
  • Fostering a culture of continuous development for our people which includes on-the-job training, product training, formal inductions and regular performance reviews
  • A commitment to providing a safe workplace for our staff
  • Promote with respect, the cultural values of the Maldivian people.
    • Support musicians with the local bodu beru
    • Support artists within the resort boutique
    • Provide a mosque and Imam and support key religious periods
  • To have a continual improvement process for our heart of house
    • Sports and social areas
    • Social club
    • Living conditions

Our Environment

We are dedicated to conserving the unique environmental values surrounding all resorts and properties that we manage. It is our goal to ensure that the locations where we operate will be protected for future generations to enjoy and experience. Our key commitments to the environment include:

  • Compliance with all relevant environmental legislation
  • Minimising environmental impacts through assessment of all developments
  • Continual development of our Environmental Management
  • Efficiently using resources including energy, fuel and water, and minimise waste to landfill through reduction, reuse and recycling initiatives
  • Take initiatives to reduce the impact on the surrounding coral reefs
    • Encourage reduced impact snorkelling in compendium, briefings, complimentary lessons etc
    • Creation of snorkelling channels
    • Commence coral propagation
  • See Environment policy for further policy guidance.
  • Have team members participate in the program by:
    • Monthly reef cleaning or Island cleaning
    • Promoting the reduction of electrical and water consumption
    • Encouraging recycling
    • Completing training in CSR

Our Community

We understand the important role we play in the wider community and the need to maintain good relationships with all of our stakeholders including community groups, non-government organisations and government authorities. We regularly engage with these stakeholders through:

  • Supporting where we can Moofushi and Vilingilli orphanages
  • Staff volunteering and community support
  • Providing employment opportunities or work experience programs for local hospitality schools
  • Supporting the development of high potential Maldivians through our Management trainee program
  • Supporting the local arts with local musicians and artist
  • Recruiting at least 45% of local Maldivian staff

Our Suppliers

We recognize that our suppliers are an important part of how we manage our social, environmental and ethical impacts. We develop and manage our relationships with our suppliers based on shared values, performance and benefits to our guests. The key processes that underpin our supply chain relationships include:

  • Source and use authentic Maldivian products where possible.
  • Selection of suppliers based on proven performance and reputation.
  • Ensure that we seek low energy, environmentally friendly options wear feasibly possible and consider packaging.
  • An expectation that our supplier standards should be equal to, or exceed our own.
  • See supply chain management guide.

Resort Safety Policy

General Statement

Kurumba Maldives accept the aims and provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health at Work Act and regulations under the Act. Further legislation is fully recognised and acted upon as relevant to these premises.

The Management recognises that one of our foremost duties and responsibilities is to our employees by providing and maintaining a health, safe and hygienic place of work. We also recognise our duties and responsibilities to guests, contractors and people other than employees who are affected by the hotel’s activities.

The Management considers that management and employees should share this responsibility. All management and employees have individual responsibilities to ensure that company safety rules and practices are observed and that employees are obliged to co-operate with management in maintaining high standards of health and safety.

Kurumba Maldives Health and Safety Organisation

The General Manager has ultimate responsibility for the implementation for the Safety & Health policy. The Management are also responsible for the overall safety of employees at the hotel.

Supervisors at each level must ensure that safe working practices are being carried out in their own departments. Kurumba Maldives has appointed the Resident manager and The Chief of Security and Safety to lead the safety committee. The committee forward safety issues from each meeting and advise management to act on their findings as appropriate.

Management are responsible for ensuring all staff are advised of the Safety and Health Policy and any amendments made. Adequate records will be maintained of all accidents and health hazards.

Personal Liability of Employees

It is the duty of every individual employee to take every reasonable care for the health and safety of himself or herself and other persons who may be affected by his or her acts or omissions at work. It is also the duty of all employees to co-operate with the Management in achieving compliance with the safety guidelines and rules.

Financial Arrangements

The Management fund as necessary practices to ensure a healthy, safe and hygienic work place including required training and information. Employees will not be asked to fund Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Health & Safety Arrangements

Accident Prevention

It is the special responsibility of members of all team members to spot potential hazards and to take remedial action. It is their responsibility of the Management to ensure that all staff are briefed and trained in necessary safety measures and precautions. Any hazard that is reported must be acted upon.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment will be carried out by management and where appropriate, health and safety consultants, the safety representative or another suitably qualified persons. Where a risk is found this will be recorded and acted upon to make safe. A risk assessment will be carried out at regular intervals. Where a hazard cannot be made completely safe or the job process involves some risk a safe system of work will be identified and issued to appropriate employees.


Management are responsible for identifying the training needs for ensuring that the necessary health and safety training provided is understood by all staff. For those working in a potentially high risk area will be given specialist training and any further information required by law. Further attention should be given to the maintenance of equipment and storage of chemicals. Staff must not attempt repairs or services to equipment unless properly trained to do so.

Electrical Equipment

Portable electrical appliances will be regularly tested to ensure they are safe to use. Any faults visual or otherwise must be immediately reported to the Management.

Use of Dangerous Machinery

Each section head must ensure that untrained employees are not allowed to operate or clean machinery prescribed as dangerous without adequate training or supervision. No personal tools or equipment may be used for working purposes without express written permission from a senior member of staff.

Accident Investigation

Any member of staff who has an accident must, must ensure that the incident is recorded by an incident report fill out by Department Head and forwarded to the Chief of Security and Safety. A risk assessment will be completed with recommendations and forwarded to the General Manager. The incident report shall be reviewed at the safety committee level to takes remedial actions to reduce the hazard. Any hazard causing or contributing to the accident will be dealt with and a record made of the action taken. All staff will be trained in the correct method of lifting and handling heavy goods as part of their ongoing training programme. Employees of Kurumba Maldives will also be required to report a near miss or an occurrence that was a potential danger without causing injury; this will continually improve our safety culture.

First Aid Arrangements

First aid materials are provided and held in key areas of the hotel. The Management will appoint a number of qualified first Aiders;

Fire and Accident Prevention, Emergencies and Training

All staff will take part in fire training twice a year by a suitably qualified person or by member of management. Training drills will take place at regular intervals throughout the year. Risk Assessment and drills to cover emergencies such as bomb threats, missing persons, and thefts are also carried out. The fire alarms will be tested and recorded weekly, emergency lights will be checked monthly. Further details can be found in the hotel fire safety policy.

Vehicles and Vessels

The company commits to maintaining all vehicles and vessels in roadworthy and seaworthy condition. This includes the compliance of required registrations, insurance and safely equipment within local regulations. Staff will be trained within its use and will hold the correct licensing to operate vehicles and vessels. Where deemed necessary, the correct safety equipment shall be maintained on vessels such as fire equipment, communications, 1st aid kits, life buoys, Eperbs, depth sounders, GPS’s marine charts etc. Procedures will be developed for the safe operating use of this equipment including pre start-up check list, maintenance lists, guest safety briefings etc.


All staff will assist by taking initiatives that reduce impact of the environment. This will include reducing the consumption of electricity, fuels, water, chemicals, plastics, paper and reducing general wastage. An initiative such as recycling is highly desirable and reuse of items where possible. Staff will be involved in Social responsibility programs where we can develop our relationship with the local community.

Company Rules

The Management considers the health and safety of all employees to be of paramount importance. Failure by any member of staff to observe correct and adequate health and safety practices will result in disciplinary action according to the disciplinary procedures. These are set out in the staff handbook.

Scope of the Policy

This statement applies to any person working within here whether or not they are contractually employed by the company. It protects both people at work within the company and guests, members of the public and others affected by any activities involved directly or indirectly associated with our work.

Human Rights Policy

Kurumba Maldives acknowledges and respects the principles contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Kurumba’s Human Rights Policy reflects the Company’s commitment to conduct its business in a manner consistent with these principles and to protect human rights within the resorts’ sphere of influence. Kurumba Maldives demonstrates leadership in responsible workplace practices, and endeavours to conduct its business operations in a manner that is free from complicity in human rights abuses.

Ethical Business Conduct

Kurumba Maldives requires that its business be conducted with honesty and integrity, and in compliance with all applicable laws. Resort policies establish clear ethical standards and guidelines for how we do business and establish accountability. All resorts associates are required to obey the law and comply with specific standards relating to legal obligations, ethics, and business conduct. The Resort has clear accountability mechanisms in place to monitor and report on compliance with these directives.

Protection of the Rights of Children

Kurumba Maldives condemns all forms of exploitation of children. The Resort does not recruit child labor, and supports the elimination of exploitative child labour. Kurumba Maldives also supports laws duly enacted to prevent and punish the crime of sexual exploitation of children. Kurumba will work to raise awareness concerning such exploitation, and will cooperate with law enforcement authorities to address any such instances of exploitation of which the Company becomes aware.

Protection of the Rights of Associates

Kurumba Maldives supports and upholds the elimination of discriminatory practices with respect to employment and occupation, and promotes and embraces diversity in all aspects of its business operations. Kurumba Maldives further supports the elimination of all forms of forced, bonded or compulsory labour and freedom of association.

Protection of Children in any form of exploitation Policy

Kurumba Maldives condemns all forms of exploitation of children including sexual exploitation, The Resort does not recruit child labour, and supports the elimination of exploitative child labour. Kurumba Maldives also supports laws duly enacted to prevent and punish the crime of sexual exploitation of children. Kurumba will work to raise awareness concerning such exploitation, and will cooperate with law enforcement authorities to address any such instances of exploitation of which the Company becomes aware.

Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a form of child sexual abuse. Children and young people affected by sexual exploitation can present with a range of physical and/or emotional problems to a wide range of health settings. It is therefore essential that all team members work in the clinic, Kids club, baby sittings and housekeeping room attendants well aware of the range of presentations and that they know how to respond and report appropriately.



We are committed to follow Maldivian labor law and ILO code of conduct in our recruitment functions.

  • Do not recruit minors, children below 18 year classified as a minor by Maldivian Law.

Training & Development:

We are committed to respect children’s rights and protect children from any form of exploitation, including sexual exploitation.

  • Ensure that all the team members receive appropriate training to identify any form of child exploitation including sexual exploitation.
  • Ensure that all team members are familiar with Maldivian law, rules and regulations in regards to child exploitation including sexual exploitation.
  • Ensure that all the team members are guided to report any suspicious cases to the Management.
  • Continually raise professional awareness of the indicators of sexual exploitation in order to identify children and young people affected by sexual exploitation.

Resort Clinic:

Resort doctor to identify, record and report all types of suspicious cases to the assigned focal point and refer the patient to regional health facility.

  • Children and young people who are sexually exploited can present across a range of health settings in a variety of ways: poor self-care, injuries, sexually transmitted infections, contraception, pregnancy, termination, drug and alcohol problems, medically unexplained symptoms, mental health problems, self-harming behaviors, problem behaviors, problems in relationships. They may not recognize they are being sexually abused as they may observe the wrongdoer as giving them something they need or want. This may change over time as the wrongdoer’s behavior becomes more forcible, but, a fear of possible consequences may stop them from disclosing.

Resort Security:

It is also the duty of patrolling securities to observe suspicious behaviors of guest and staff in any forms of exploitation and immediately to report to the management to take the appropriate action.


Any suspicious child exploitation case will be reported discretely to the Security Manager, who will investigate further and will take the appropriate action, with the direction of the General Manager.

Environmental Policy

It is the policy of Kurumba to conduct its operations in a manner that is environmentally responsible and befitting of a good corporate neighbor and citizen. Through management leadership, employee participation, and professional environmental support, Kurumba is committed to:

  • Comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations and voluntary commitments to which the resort subscribes.
  • Manage all phases of its business in a manner that minimizes the impact of its operations on the environment.
  • Developing environmental management plans with objectives and targets to minimize any adverse environmental impact and measure the progress toward these goals.
  • Providing all employees with the knowledge and tools needed to prevent negative environmental impact.
  • Reporting any incident immediately to minimize any environmental impact.
  • Eliminate, or reduce to the maximum practical extent, the release of contaminants into the environment, first through pollution prevention (material substitution and source reduction), then recycling, and finally through treatment and control technologies.
  • Effectively communicate with resort employees, suppliers, regulators, and customers, as well as the surrounding community, regarding EMS performance.
  • Periodically review and demonstrate continuous improvement in the Resort’s environmental performance, including areas not subject to regulations.

This commitment demands that:

  • We each take personal responsibility to protect the environment as we conduct our work.
    • We ensure that we have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to conduct our work in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.
    • We are aware of and use care to minimize the negative environmental consequences of our activities.
  • We each take personal responsibility to use resources wisely.
    • We use only what we need and look for opportunities to minimize waste.
    • We respectfully challenge each other to be efficient in the use of natural resources.
  • We each take personal responsibility to protect and enhance our local communities.
    • We promptly report any incident and/or unsafe conditions to the Kurumba Emergency services.
    • We encourage proactive environmental efforts onsite and within our local communities to ensure that we are a positive influence where we work and live.

Environmental stewardship is and must be an integral part of every Kurumba’s business practice, operation, job, and task. It is incumbent on each of us to assess our own roles and responsibilities and to help fulfill, to the utmost of our abilities, the commitments set forth in this statement.