International Women's Day at Kurumba Maldives 2019
10 March 2019

Started in 1911 with support from over a million people, International Women’s Day today continues to be one of the biggest events dedicated to women around the world.

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Festive Celebrations at Kurumba Maldives 2018-2019
20 November 2018

Festive season is true to be the most wonderful time of the year with events that are perfect for any holiday celebration. Celebrate the festive season in style this year at Kurumba Maldives with a great selection of experiences.

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Kurumba Maldives Celebrates 46th Anniversary
03 October 2018

On this day 46 years ago, Kurumba Maldives opened its door to the first tourists who got to visit the Maldives. This marked the beginning of a romance where the whole world fell in love with the beautiful sun, sea and sands of the Maldives.

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Eid Al Adha
22 August 2018

Eid al-Adha or “ Festival of Sacrifice” is one of the most important religious holidays in the Islamic calendar, and is celebrated worldwide by Muslims to mark the end of Hajj, the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca.

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Kurumba Maldives Celebrates Maldivian Independence Day
28 July 2018

Every year on 26th of July, Maldives celebrates its Independence Day with a series of festivities to be held throughout the country.

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Kurumba Maldives Recognizes Global Wellness Day
12 June 2018

9th June has been accepted worldwide as Global Wellness Day with celebrations taking place in 100 countries around the world. "One day can change the whole life" has become the motto of this day.

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