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The Anatomy of a Dish


Calamansi Panna Cotta with Tropical Fruits - Hamakaze

Panna cotta is an Italian dessert made by simmering together cream, milk, sugar and gelatin, that cools into a luscious smoothness. Calamansi is a hybrid fruit that looks like a tiny orange but with a zest of lime. Japanese calamansi purée is added to give the panna cotta a sweet and sour flavour. The panna cotta is decorated with a medley of fresh imported fruit, including organic Sri Lankan mangoes, Thai dragon fruit and Australian blackberries. Salty miso crumble is made with ground almonds, sugar and butter, and baked in the oven until golden. A pink peppercorn meringue sheet gives a little spicy kick to the sweetness of the dish.

North African style seafood Tagine - Al Qasr

Named after the Moroccan earthenware clay pot in which it is cooked, the tagine is lidded to trap the moisture in the ingredients, richly infusing them with the flavours of the stock. The stock is made from crabs, tomatoes, onions, celery, garlic and a hint of orange zest and saffron. The cornucopia of seafood includes Omani prawns, squid, Australian black mussels and line-caught Maldivian sea bassVegetables like Australian Kipfler potatoes, green beans and broad beans make the tagine into a hearty, filling meal. Preserved lemon and spicy harissa impart typical North African flavours.

Roasted cherry tomato, buffalo mozzarella & basil sandwich - Kurumba Cafe

Yellow and red French cherry tomatoes are roasted at 140˚C to form a crisp skin and enhance their natural sweetness. They are then tossed in a marinade to give them a delightful oily sheen. Sweet basil from the resort’s own herb garden gives a bright pungent contrast to the subtlety of the mozzarella. The dense chewy consistency of Italian buffalo mozzarella comes from stretching and kneading the curds in a process known as pasta filata. Peruvian Hass avocadoes contain 11 of the 13 known vitamins and have a creamy, slightly nutty flavour. Australian snow pea tendrils are the unformed leaves of the plant, which are often used raw or cooked in Asian cuisine. Toasted, home-made black olive sourdough bread is baked with wild yeasts that ferment the dough and give it a characteristic tang. Thinly sliced and deep fried potato crisps add a guilty pleasure to healthy dish

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