Spa Resorts in Maldives | Dhivehi Beys, Maldivian Herbal Treatment
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Dhivehi Beys

Dhivehi-beys is a traditional Maldivian herbal medicine that has been passed from generation to generation. At Veli Spa, we have taken great care in preserving these ancient remedies by adapting them to modern day spa therapies. Ingredients are sourced locally using mainly indigenous plants, roots of trees and oils. These recipes have been highly guarded as ancient secrets with many Maldivians still using these therapies today.

These traditional treatments were inspired by a renowned Maldivian medicine healer and are combined with modern techniques to relieve ailments such as joint pain, nerve tightness, fluid retention, migraines and muscle tension.

Kurumba Maldives is proud to be the first spa resort in the Maldives to embrace these traditional remedies and to protect for future generations.